Off-Grid Solutions

Simplified Off-Grid affordable solar solutions configured for the sustainable future. Offgrid systems have no connection with the utility grid and must make all the electricity necessary to power your home and appliances. Off-grid systems simply operate from the battery systems managed by inverters.

Each system setup at theSolarCompany is customised to produce renewable energy while securing low utility rates.

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Power Conditioning Unit is designed to provide energy converted from Solar Panel as the first priority and capable to produce energy from the Utility when energy from the solar source is lower than the set value.

Process Flow going off-grid

  • Client Meeting / Site Visit
  • Power Consumption Analysis/ Data Collection
  • Selection of Systems based on budget with clear insight.
  • Optional placement of meters/monitoring systems.
  • Optional integration of Home Automation Systems.
  • Optional placement of solar-based heaters/pumps etc
  • Off-Grid Setup at Site including protection
  • Testing/Monitoring
  • Maintenance options (Battery, MPPT, Inverter, Panel Replacement, Cleaning)

Warranty against manufacturing defects (Subject to choice of brands) 
Solar Panels – 25 years,
Solar Batteries -5 years,
Solar Invertors – 2 years.